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Just the past 2 months, my son has been complaining about a painful "lump" in the front of his throat about in the middle between his jaw and where the thyroid should be. His GP really has no idea what might be causing the problem. I just picked up 2 sets of xrays he's had done on his neck for neck pain and spasms both done in the past 2 months. At first the doctor thought it must be an xray flaw then I showed him the other set that orthopedic doctor had done last week for neck pain for which he is starting physical therapy for and the spot was on the second set also.

The doctor showed me on both sets there is a small, but very faint, circular outline in the area that is painful. Neither set of xrays were read by a radiologist. I was going to take them to the endo on Thurs to see if she might know what the spot is on both xrays. His body temp is low 97.1 or 97.4. I was told by a medical doctor that is a sign of hypo thyroid even if the blood work for thyroid is normal. I'm not sure if the endo doctor has done any thyroid tests and will find out on Thursday but so far the routine thyroid tests he had done 3 months ago were normal. They were done prior to him getting so sick the past 2 months.

Could this spot and or the pain he is having be related to a thryoid problem? He is also being treated for AI and taking cortef.
You need to look into autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type II. Yes it is possible to have adrenal issues and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.. a nasty tricky thyroid destrying autoimmune disorder.

The only way to rule out the thyroid is with more blood testing. The basic thyroid panel is:
TSH 3rd Gen
TPOAb and TGAb.. TPOAb is a must it is the 85% positive identifier for Hashimoto's. However note there is a 15% chance of a false negative. The 100% no doubt involved test for Hashimoto's is a thyroid biopsy to note the tell tale tissue destruction.

I have Hashimoto's and primary adrenal insufficiency. It is possible to have both and more. Come to the thyroid board and post away when your son's blood work comes in... it sounds like you may be getting something up with the thyroid. Hashimoto's loves to muck with the lymph nodes in the neck and throat and make them flare as well. It is also well known to generate nodules and goiters as a result.


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