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[QUOTE=TheAntiEndo;3569216]A "PM Cortisol" by itself really doesn't tell you much, because that's the time when it is at it's lowest during the day.

The ACTH and Cortisol reads in the morning will give you a snapshot, and could be very telling of the request/response going on with your Pituitary and Adrenals. Also, a Saliva Cortisol 24-hour test will give you a much better picture of how your Adrenals are working during the normal daily cycle, (and you don't need to get a Doc to do one, just a little out-of-pocket money).

Post your results when you get them, and the good folks here will try to take care of you.[/QUOTE]
I appreciate that you're looking in on me. I wish I had my #'s already. I still only havet the pm ones. I was hoping to get them before the long holiday. They haven't done any of the saliva tests or the aderol. I'm going to talk to the new doctor about those tomorrow. Where do I go besides the doctor's office for the saliva tests?

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