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Howdy all!,
I was so excited to find out about this board today. I have been on our work prayer chain and a person from another state has Addison's and referred me.
I have been only working half days for a month. I've been ill diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue for over a year and have been missing work here and there from it. The end of February I started having stomach issues...pain and so on and had pain so bad I went to the ER in an ambulance from work. Found out I had pancreatitis. Also my Potassium was way out of wack...I have had allergies and asthma for 11 years and I have edema too and my underarms are minimally darker and so it my groin area and around my belly. I have been searching for a commonality, for a real diagnosis for a long time that ties everything plus the fatigue and nausea, low sodium and craving for salt. My current doctor doesn't believe in Adrenal Fatigue, but the Gastro specialist did a cortisol test for me and in pm was 1.4. He requested the hospital to do an a.m. cortisol too, but they thought it was an error and they only ran the p.m. blood cortisol. They also ran Thyroid, it's fine though. Today was my first appt with Endo. Last year my Vitamin D was only at 21 and s/b about 80-too low. The Endo is thinking that's the issue...I've had the D ran a few times since and showed as fine with other doctors...So now I'm testing tomorrow morning for ACTH and a.m. cortisols and vit D. I know 1.4 is low for p.m. cortisol, but she made it sound like anyone can have that level for p.m. cortisol...I'm pretty frustrated because I thought I knew what was going on.
Sorry I'm long winded. I'm really grateful I found this board.
Thanks for reading and I appreciate any responses.


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