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If you have addison's, you must take hydrocortisone or cortef or you can or will die - or at least some form of steroid or you can or will die.

Right now, the short acting forms are the best and if you take them properly, weight gain can be minimized. Taking it two or three times a day, taking what you need, stress dosing as you need, weaning as you need, will keep you healthy.

There is another pill that is currently undergoing FDA approval that is a once a day shorter "acting" but will imitate the normal diurnal rhythm of the body and the intention of that is to minimize weight gain. It is not available yet.

I have met a few people with addsion's - those taking pred usually were heavier. It may take you some time to find the dose that is appropriate for you and BTW, any dose suppresses your adrenals - that is how they work it is just a matter of if they are fully or partially suppressed as adrenals are just lazy things. Once you take a steroid orally (or asthma inhaler, or nasal spray etc.) they go woo hoo vacation!

Oddly enough, you need to increase salt and fluids to get rid of the retained fluid. Weird, huh.

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