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[I][FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="2"]hello, im natalie and im 16, i was diagnosed with addisons disease a couple of weeks ago, and im so confused what it acctually is, ive read alot of posts on different websites about different types of addisons disease and it is so confusing! please someone explain it to me! Ive been put on Hydrocorisone and Fludrocortisone which i have to take three times a day. When i speak to people about it they have no idea what it is and its very hard to explain it becuae people dont know what your adrenal glands or anything are. Because im a waitress i find it hard to keep the time so i find it hard to pull myself away to take my tablet because i have alot of responsibility. If anyone understands, please, please reply to this, take care everyone.[/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
Yes i have a bracelet which i have to wear, my manager doesnt like me wearing it for work because my other colleagues want to wear bracelets too just for fashion. They dont understand. My mood swings are ridiculous, are yours the same? One minute im happy the next I get very annoyed over the smallest things. How long have you had Addison's disease? The doctor said i may of had it for over a year, and i lost over a stone and got referred to a dietition because i was on the verge of being anorexic. I know it sounds stupid but can you drink while you are on the tablets? I went out on Tuesday night an i didnt drink very much but the next day i felt very rough. I didnt drink very much but i think it was the fact that i stayed at my friends house and that was the first time i stayed out since i was diagnosed. I would just like to talk to everyone who has addisons disease and tell me what i will go through and things. Please Reply x
Hey Natalie!

The Eating Disorder and mood swings - I can totally relate! I couldn't stand the doctor that told my father that I was anorexic. My moods are more of a one minute I'm so happy to be alive, the next I'm wishing that I had passed away when I was close to. Others is I get very angry at some people. I got an e-mail from my mom saying that there was a job opening for me at my cottage. I can't do it because I moved out of the province, I got so angry because I thought she was trying to guilt me into coming back home.

I hope that your boss understands about the bracelet. It's not just a safety issue but a life issue. If anything happens and you get hurt and are not conscience, then the bracelet will save your life.

Please keep posting with your concerns, we're here for you!!
[I]Its ridiculous im tired all the time, and ive constantly got a cold. Is that normal? wen i go out i dont drink, i always have water because i look after everyone else. I had nine hours sleep last night, and im still very tired, ive got my first hospital appointment soon, what will that be about? Everyone see's this as a disability now, which annoys me so much, it's like people think i cant push myself to my limit because i have this disease. I just get very annoyed with people sometimes because they treat me differently than they used to. Please reply :)[/I]

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