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Why do the cortef dosing schedules differ so much depending on the endo? which dosing schedule is best to follow? My son is taking 10mg am 7 1/2 mg noon and 5 mg evening. I'm not sure why his endo said 7 1/2mg instead of 5 for the noon dose. I've read that cortef is an 8 hour drug. Are there any advantages to taking one am and one pm dose with 2/3 of the daily dose taken at the am and 1/3 taken at 5:00 pm? Or is the time day that important?
Most doctors try to mimmick the body's natural release of cortisol or should. If your body functions normally then you would have the most cortisol when you first get up and it will decline as the day goes on. So I guess that is why your doctor is tapering it like that. I started taking Cortef 3 days ago - 10 mg AM, 5 mg w/lunch, and 5 mg w/dinner. However, I haven't been able to go to sleep like I normally do and stay asleep so I am taking my later dose earlier and earlier. Today I am not going to take my evening dose at all to see how that goes.

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