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[QUOTE=Pam44;3584362]How did you find an endo who knew your adrenals were only suppressed instead of AI for life? What tests do you have done to see if your adrenal function is returning to normal? From what I've read if the ACTH stim test is repeated very soon after weaning off cortef it will come back positive again. I was told it took several months before the ACTH test could be done and I was wondering if there are any tests that could be done to check adrenal function while on cortef.[/QUOTE]

I am going to two different ones. One endo told me he just knows. The other endo ran tests to make sure my adrenal and pituitary glands didn't have a tumor. I just lowered my hydrocortisone to 20 mg (10 mg in the morning, 5mg @ 12 noon, & 5 mg @ 4 pm. Next month we will change it from three times a day to twice a day. Then, he will do an ACTH test to see if I am producing more cortisol. If not, then we will have to wait a while to lower my hydrocortisone. My other doctor said he doesn't need to test because we will know if I am producing more cortisol by the way I feel. Both doctors say it will take a year to get my adrenal glands working.

You might be able to do the morning cortisol and ACTH test to see if you are producing more. My first morning cortisol test was 1 and with the ACTH, it was 7.

I have until next spring to get better. I am hoping it goes by quickly, because this is hard on my family. I can't work, because I get so tired just from doing "normal" activities like getting a few groceries with my boys doing most of the work. It takes me hours to recover from things like this.

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