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I am waiting to be tested for Addison's disease. I asked my Dr to test me after my pubic hair began falling out! (No hair loss anywhere else) Whilst looking for a reason for the hair loss, I stumbled across the symptoms for Addison's and found that the symtoms actually match not only the hair loss, but a variety of symtoms I have experienced. Over the past seven years I have had about eight instances where I have ended up at the ER and each time have been told that it's not known what is wrong with me. The first time this started I laid down to go to sleep one night and my legs ached as though it were the very centre of my bones that were aching. I thought I maybe getting the flu and dismissed it. The next three days were a blur. I spent that time laying on the couch and thought I had only been there for a day. On the third day my Mum came home and picked me up to go to the Dr (She had thought I had been getting up while she was at work) I was severely dehydrated and told that I was only hours away from death. Dr asked if I had been overseas as he thought I had Malaria. I spent 2 days in an infectious diseases room bymyself because they had no idea what was wrong with me only to be discharged and told that MAYBE I had food poisoning! Since then I have seen various specialists each time and am now told that I POSSIBLY have some type of "bug" that lays dormant in my body.
This usually happens every 12 to 18 mths when I am stressed or run down. I have had so many tests done over the years that I feel like a human pin cushion!
So far I have been tested for Hepatitis, Aids, Glandular fever, Ross river fever, malaria, i have had a ct scan, a lumbar puncture to check for meningitis, and various ultrasounds just to name a few. All turned out negative. The only things that have come up on tests are the fact that my white blood cell count is quite high and my sodium levels are very low. I constantly crave salt and actually get embarrassed about the amount of salt I use when I eat infront of others.
For the past two weeks I have had severe body aches like my bones hurt, but until now this was only in the evening. For the past few days I have ached all day and feel so weak that it is a struggle just to lift a glass to have a drink. I have been tired alot for the past few years and always put it down to having kids and getting older (although I am only 28!)
My blood pressure is fine both sitting and on standing. I have lost 5kg in two days.
Does this sound like anything anyone else experiences? I'm sure I could "make up" about 5000 illnesses I could possibly have, but Addison's would explain not only the hair loss, but what sounds like an addisonian crisis with these "episodes" I have every now and then.
Sorry for the length of the post - so many symtoms and background info!!
Hope someone can help!

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