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you might want to read my week 2 and week 3, Thyroid Care and Concerns threads on the thyroid disorders board. It is my chemist/chemical engineer take on all the MD garbledy goop I could dig up. I am Hashimoto's with primary adrenal insufficiency and hashimoto's encephalopathy.. so I have a few concerns and constant research interests going. I have tried to share and organize what I have found and I did a whole spill on TSH suppression and what does it.

High cortisol levels tends to raise the TSH.. not lower it. It raises the TSH by suppressing your T4 to T3 conversion process. The inverse is true on too little cortisol. If you have low cortisol you convert too much T4 to T3.. leaving your T4 needs constantly deprived and making your metabolic functions hyperT in T3. In this case your T3 would be low.. or artificially suppressed.

Most people feel better and are told to take their cortisol through out the day. My MD told me to split up my 20 mg in four parts through out the day. From advice here and trial and error. I take a 5 mg upon waking 6-7 am, Then my next 5 mg between 9-10 am, my third between 1 - 2 pm and my last at 5 pm. This balances things out and I do not feel like I am spiking or shaky or suddenly going flat as the day progresses. If I slip and take my last tablet after 6 pm... I am awake for the long hall and may go to sleep by 2 am. :)

It is a matter of trial and error in most cases, because each person is an individual with individual biochemical factors to deal with.


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