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There could also be something the doctor has overlooked - with your cortisol being low all day - you have *lost* your diurnal rhythm, and that is significant. He should keep testing.

The test was botched but you probably did stim (it went up a little)... but you could either be borderline addison's (not quite there yet in which still the doc is an idiot) or you could be cyclical cushing's where you have low cortisol all day and high at night (doc is still an idiot) as this happened to me with normal ACTH levels and I had a normal weight in the beginning (but later, this changed).

Frankly, two cortisol readings that have no variation like that is not normal. The doctor has no idea what he is doing. You need an expert. You need to continue testing. Can your GP test you? Can you explain to him about the lack of variation in the testing?

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