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[QUOTE=Heckofagal;3788761]Dial - I am wondering fif they are doing the saliva test when testing your Cortisol???[/QUOTE]

I have had one done. It showed low. I saw a new endo, but she says I dont have an endo problem. They disregarded my adrenals. I literally argued with them in their office. They said my glucose response was fine. I told them the test was not accurate, and the lab did not take my blood at the right times. The didn't want to listen. If I have 3 strawberries, my sugar hits 200+ for crying out loud! There is one problem though. My ACTH was at 78. the max range on the normal level was 45. I was at almost twice the amount of a normal person. My Cortisol showed 18 on a AM test. Here is my issue. If my ACTH is almost twice the normal amount, Healthy adrenals would be pumping gobs of cortisol out. Mine were not, they were near the end of the range for healthy adrenals, but they were receiving mass amounts of ACTH, of course they pumped at least in the normal range. If my ACTH range was in the normal range of say 35, then I would bet that my cortisol would be low. What do you guys think? also, there is a gland that piggy backs on the pituitary, the Hypothalamus. It secretes CRH, which controls the pituitary. They never looked at my CRH or Hypothalamus. Something is causing my ACTH to be high. any ideas???? I have been suffering for two years and 2 months now. Those of you who have been on here now my struggle well. I need a doc who will listen, and not just rush me through. please help.

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