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Re: I need help
Jul 18, 2008
My symptoms:
sweating at night or if I stand too long
sinus tachycardia and palpitations when I walk around or lay down
pressure on the chest which makes me feel like I can't get enough air (sometime I wheeze)
tremors (rarely)
weight loss before they put me on steroids
heat intolerance (this causes me to feel bad right away)
constipation and diarrhea (both cause me to feel really bad especially if I have stomach cramps with it)
can't exercise
high blood pressure (even on meds)
stress brings surges on
elevated norepinephrine but 24 hour urine test came back normal
left adrenal gland has 9 mm tumor, but this morning one doctor said it could be fatty tissue
if I rest a lot I can do more than normal, but then I pay for it later
I had three crisis in the past year

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