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Ok at first I thought that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue but it must have been my low thyroid causing me to be tired and dizzy.

It turns out that my cortisol was high. normal range is 0-50. my score was 86

My doctor isn't worried because he thinks that my panic attacks are causing my cortisol to be high and not vice versa. The thing is that I didn't have a panic attack that day, or the day before or even in the past month really.

If anything low thyroid is supposed to artificially lower cortisol results for a 24 hour urine cortisol test.

What else would make my cortisol that high above the normal range? I avoided strenuos activity, caffeine, stress, I'm not on birth control, ect. ect.

Should I be concerned?
Cushings disease.
Yeah it sounds to be cushing's. Actually though I was thinking more like secondary hyperthyroidism because pituitary tumor's can cause the cortisol to be high.

What are the chances that it would be that high if I was completely well and had zero stress the day of the test?

If only I could trust my doctor.:(
It is high. It should be looked into. If your doctor is not, then your doctor has no idea what he is doing. Most have not a clue what they are doing with Cushing's as it is hence it took me 12 years to get diagnosed.

The pituitary tumor is an ACTH secreting one and has little to do with thyroid - I am not sure about your hyperthyroidism statement.
Oops I meant to say hypo not hyper

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