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The main mechanism for my anxiety and depression seems to be the thyroid, but is exacerbated by impaired and depressed cortisol rhythm. I was doing [COLOR="Magenta"][B]GREAT[/B][/COLOR] for the short time I was on Armour. Prior to that, no doing to shabbily on levothyroxine for a year and half. Came to a point where I could no longer tolerate thyroid meds. It has been downhill from there. :(

Recent thyroid test (no meds 5 weeks+)

TSH: [B]5.121[/B] (.350-5.5)
FT4: [B]1.04[/B] (.61-1.76)
FT3 [B]2.8 [/B](2.3-4.2)


I suspect my adrenals were bad all along? since I went untreated for so long.

My dr has settled on the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and partial secondary AI.


DHEA-s [B]40[/B] ug/dL (32-240) 2/8/08
(day 8 cycle; 8:30 AM)

ACTH Stim 1/23/08

Cortisol, A.M. [B]14.5 [/B]
Cortisol 30 minutes [B]31.7[/B]
Cortisol 60 minutes [B]33.6[/B]

[COLOR="Blue"]Prior AM draw[/COLOR]

Cortisol [B]17.2[/B] mcg/dL (4-22)

ACTH [B]11[/B] pg/mL (5-27)

[COLOR="Blue"][U]Saliva test [/U][/COLOR] 11/14/07
(diagnos tech)

free cortisol rhythm

7-8AM [B]15[/B] nM normal [B]13-24[/B]
11-noon [B] 3[/B] nM depressed [B] 5-10[/B]
4-5PM [B]4[/B] nM normal [B]3-8[/B]
11-midnight [B]2[/B] nM normal [B]1-4[/B]

cortisol burden 24 (24-42)

DHEA pooled value [B]1 [/B] depressed ([B]3-10 [/B]ng/ML)

[COLOR="Blue"][U]Repro hormones [/U][/COLOR]

Progesterone: [B]25.8[/B] ng/mL mid-luteal (4.4 – 28.0)
(day 21)

Estradiol [B]315 [/B]pg/ml follicular no range
(day 10)

Testosterone [B]22[/B] ng/dL no range
(day 10)

LH [B]9.0 [/B]mIU/mL no range
(day 10)

FSH [B]4.1[/B] mIU/mL no range
(day 10)

free Testosterone [B]1.3 [/B]ng/dL (1.1-5.8)
(day 10)


[COLOR="Blue"][U]Vit D & Iron[/U][/COLOR]

Ferritin [B]23[/B] ng/Ml (10-291) 6/8/08

Vitamin D, 25 hydroxy [B]21.6 [/B]ng/ml L (32-105) 2/14/08

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