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It seems that your inhaler is a corticosteroid. I could only find that it has a precaution re developing cushings. I did not get a chance to check the whole insert. But, I have read of asthma inhalers causing secondary AI as well by means of suppressing adrenal function from chronic use.

I would not do anything myself, or at my recommendation. You should talk to your dr. I am not sure about the procedure used to discover if the inhaler has had a negative effect on you - that is, whehter you must be off it for a period, or whehther a dr would have you submit to a test without first going off it. I am sorry, but I don't know much more than [I]how[/I] the inhaler [I]may[/I] affect your adrenal situation. Maybe some others know more.

I do know that for a valid adrenal assessment, you must be off steroids for a period. So, some people who are in the "adrenal fatigue" category and have been started on hydrocortisone without dynamic testing (ACTH stim), sometimes decided to be properly tested later, and have to wean off the HC and wait a period until their HPA axis and adrenal function resumes. I know this is the case from reading around on boards and also some medical literature and abstracts. It is strongly recommended that a person be properly tested before embarking on steroid therapy for addisons or secondary AI.

But, we don't really know what is going on with you. It may be there is nothing wrong adrenal-wise. You should discuss with your dr.

The one thing I can say, is that your thyroid panels do show there is an issue that needs to be further investigated - as per my and mrsleepy's suggestion. I really think your current gp should be able to at least run the basic tests, before you go on to a specialist. That way your insurance might cover it. If your current gp is not willing to, can you get another PCP before trying out of pocket? The more you can get tested for while covered, the better.

I had unhelpful drs and ended up doing alot of pocket :mad:

keep us posted:cool:

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