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Hi Everyone -- I'm reposting this here, as it was suggested this forum may be able to provide more help. I'm feeling very vulnerable and hoping someone can offer input.

I'm feeling just terrible, like my life has been put on hold, barely able to function. I'm very concerned being as I am currently single and living on my own, plus I am self-employed, so have no avenues for support while I deal with this. I have limited funds available to deal with these health issues (due to recent "divorce" and having started my own business!), and I have Kaiser for insurance, so am limited in that area as well (although my doc is open minded, so that's good, at least). I'm hoping someone might be able to offer input/experience regarding my situation. Wondering what the best way to deal with adrenal fatigue is, in conjunction with Hypo.

I'm suffering from what seems to be a mod to often severe case of adrenal fatigue (I've been under [U]enormous[/U] stress for many years), plus Hypothyroidism. I have difficulty in concentrating and thinking, I forget things easily, and I have very little energy (can no longer exercise or even work regularly). I feel tired all the time, and have gained a little bit of weight around the middle. I feel worst in the morning/first part of day, and best in the eve. The symptoms started about a year ago, and at that time I felt poorly in the morning, but was able to function in the late afternoon/eve. Then in January of this year, things got much worse, and the symptoms seemed to be with me the entire day. And just this week, my hands are starting to feel a bit numb and tingling. I think I may have had some level of this stuff going on for many many years though, undiagnosed.

I have Kaiser, and saw my doc in March 08 for the above symptoms. He did some lab work, including running thyroid tests. I now know that I need to ask for Free T3 test and will have this test run in the future. I'm also going to ask for Ferritn test (sp?). I've been tested for B-12 (was OK), and Vit D (was on low side of normal range). Below are the results from the thyroid tests:

March 08: T3 -- 92 [58 - 159], Free T4 -- .85 [.70 - 1.48], TSH -- 1.06 [0.4 - 4.00], TPO -- <60 [ - U/mL]

He then put me on Levothroid, which I started VERY slowly, as I'm quite sensitive to meds. Starting dose was 1/4 of a 25mcg / .025 mg tablet (which I know is hardly anything), and I worked up to a full tablet over 3-4 weeks. I noticed a difference in energy on the second day actually. I think the following test results were obtained after I'd been on Levo for awhile, but I'm not sure if I had started the Armour yet as well (more on that next).

From May 08: T3 -- lab forgot to run this test [58 - 159], Free T4 -- ..84 [.70 - 1.48], TSH -- .92 [0.4 - 4.00]

I started to feel a bit better on the Levo, but I also started getting really intense heart palpitations (like I said, I'm sensitive), and could not sleep, so I went back to the doctor to discuss options. I was told by a couple of people who have hypothyroidism, that Armour was tolerated much better, and that T3 is often also needed in addition to T4, so I asked if I could try Armour, and my doc agreed and prescribed a very low starting dose of 15mg. I worked up to taking about 25 mg and that's where I've been for some time now. I've been feeling a bit more energy (relative, mind you), compared to how I felt in January, but I think the Levo was helping a little bit more....BUT, I cannot tolerate the Levo, so I don't know what to do (Is there a natural T4 booster available?). It seems my latest test results, shown below (just had lab work done yesterday), suggest that I need to take something for T4 specifically (but then what about T3?). I'm also not understanding the change in TSH value.

From July 08: T3 -- 130 [58 - 159], Free T4 -- ..85 [.70 - 1.48], TSH -- .72 [0.4 - 4.00]

Thanks so much to all who offer input. I'm feeling very depressed and like my life is over. I don't know where to turn for help. I have no family to speak of (recently split from long-term relationship + I'm an only child + all extended family is in Europe). I don't know what is going to happen to me if I don't get better and get back out there to bring in new business/$$$.

Thanks so much for any support/input you can offer.

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