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Well, I can see right away even without the ranges, that your TSH is way elevated.

[It really would be best to post the ranges for your labs as well.]

Even in endo-world, where advances in medicine seem to move more slowly, the uper limit of TSH for diagnosing hypothyroidism is generally, 3.0.

You definately need the remainder of the thyroid tests that reemu pointed out: free T4, free T3 - also check for the antithyroid antibodies TgAb, and anti TPO. Make sure you get your tests in the morning as you would any other lab. Thyroid levels fluctuate throughout the day, and it is best to do tests early, and thereafter around the same time of day.


I noticed your b12. the newest lit says anything below 500 is a problem, not the 200 or lower limit the U.S. uses. I read that the optimum can certainly be higher. It will do you no harm to take a 1000mcg sublingual b12 tablet each day or so. It may help your energy.

You likely need to have your ferritin tested. It is a big contributor to fatigue, and in many cases, hypo persons seem to have low vit/mineral levels - it usually correlates with hypo. Newest lit says below 50 causes fatigue. Alternative practiioners recommend an optimum of 75-100.

on your reproductive hormones. I just started learning about this, in order to read my own results which did not have ranges provided.

Frist, we need to know what day of your of your cycle the blood was drawn, so I can't comment on your estradiol. I am not sure about prolactin - havent read enough about it to interpret.

As far as I understand, testosterone is more regular, and is not interpreted by phases of cycle. So, if testosterone is "total testosterone", it is a bit low. The range I have found is for females 30-95ng/dL. There ia also an age curve I found. 46-58ng/dL (ages 20-29yrs); 28-45ng/dL (30-39yrs); 27-39ng/DL (40-49 years.

My dr said that a great part of testosterone is made from DHEA(s). So, if you get your DHEA-s tested, you may find it is low as well. Some use a low DHEA-s as a sign that maybe the person has a low ACTH. And it is usually worth following up on. Of couse, the low ACTH could in turn cause secondary AI.

Finally, I can't interpret your 24 hr cortisol, as I have no experience with it, but I am sure someone here can. sorry. ;)

I can tell you that I am hypothyroid and spend the better part of a year on the thyorid boards and reading around the web, incluiding what medical journals articles I could find. You definately need to follow up on the thyroid.
Your TSH is not "normal". You need the other thyroid labs to get a better picuture. :)

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