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More lab results
Jul 21, 2008
I still haven't received my labwork that the endo ran last Tuesday, but I did get a call from my ob/gyn today regarding my estrogen level. Three weeks ago he checked my estradiol levels because I have had hair loss, night sweats, and a very low libido (none, actually) and it came back at 20 or 21, I forget. He checked it again last Wednesday and it is now 18. He wants me to come in on Wednesday morning to do more blood work. I have two young kids that were conceived very easily, and up until about 3 months ago have had very regular menstrual cycles. It seems like all of my symptoms peaked around that time, apparently even my estrogen dropping which I had no clue about. I have been reading online about low estrogen levels associated with other symptoms like weight loss, fatigue, easy bruising, joint pain, being caused by a pituitary problem. Would this be evident in the labs already drawn by my endo (testosterone, cortisol via 24 hour urine, prolactin, b-12, and potassium) or should I call him and mention this finding and see if he wants to do more tests? Anyone familiar with pituitary problems, how are they diagnosed and what are they usually caused by?

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