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I will give you more food for thought, all of which disagrees the other poster.

A replacement dose or hydrocortisone (short acting) is at least 25 mg and Medrol (long acting) lasts a lot longer than hydrocortisone. Do the research and you'll see the other poster has it wrong about HC lasting longer than Medrol. Medrol is much stonger, lasts much longer. I haven't seen anyone get Cushing's from 25 to 30 mg HC, nor have I heard of this in the 5 years and thousands of people I've helped with hormone problems (I'm a patient, not a doc). Taking 20 mg and less is under treatment pure and simple, but there are some who say the sky will fall on you if you take more, hogwash. You do want to take the minimum amount it takes to make you feel better, but I've not seen that in others less than 25 mg do it.

HC is anywhere from 1 to 8 hour half life. Those who only get a 1 to 3 hour half life or so out of HC usually end up on Medrol which has a half life of 8 to 16 hours depending on the individual. Medrol's half life is roughly the same as prednisone, but Medrol is much better on the liver so is recommended.

HC can usually be dosed to approximate the diurnal cycle of natural cortisol, but Medrol can't approximate so is why you should give HC every chance to work which includes raising up to but not past 30 mg. You're welcome.

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