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I spent two weeks at MD Anderson running all kinds of blood work. They even had me see an OBGYN, who said I was fine. They say I have an adrenal problem, but can't explain why I have high blood pressure. I have a small tumor in my left adrenal gland, but they say it is not producing epin. and norepin. which can cause this. They say I am a complicated case and to wait patiently while he thinks. I am on 20 mg of hydrocortisone a day and I still can't live a normal life. I am also on Bystolic for high blood pressure and Cymbalta for depression, but they don't want to get me off of this either. I am seeing three different endocrine doctors right now and none of them know exactly what is going on. My morning cortisol level was 1.4 and ACTH was less than 5. No DHEA, but everything else seems okay. I have had a brain scan, and that looked good. Does anyone have any ideas? I am starting to get depressed because I had high hopes about MD Anderson finding out exactly what is wrong, but now I am not so sure they will give me any new information.

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