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I don't know exactly what they tested at MD Anderson, but they said my glucose, thyroids, and pituitary hormones were okay. My norepinephrine was elevated, but he said not enough for my tumor to be a Pheo. The rest of the plasma free metanephrine was okay. No one tested me for POTS, which I think I have when I walk around too much (which is not much). When I feel "adrenal", I can't stand up, sit up, or turn my head without getting dizzy, etc. One of my doctors told me not to consume extra salt because of the high blood pressure. "Did they test your aldosterone and renin, and at different times?" What did you mean by that? The doctors said I had secondary adrenal insufficiency because of steroids from nasal spray and asthma medicine, so the outer layer of my adrenal glands work. They said I will never be like I was before this happened, but I will get better.
I agree it is no fun to be a medical mystery, but I thought the doctors at MD Anderson could easily answer all of my questions.

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