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Re: Cushings?
Aug 28, 2008
If your endo is doing that as the first test, my advice is to run run run away from him/her... Odds are that you are going to fail it and the doc is going to say oh you are fine - just lose weight and exercise.
i failed every typed of dex test there is and know many who did as well and have positive pathology to show that yup, we all have Cushing's. According to the new guidelines, it really should not be a test of exclusion but the lazy docs will use it as such.

If you have hallmark symptoms (straie, hump, central obesity etc.) you may have a chance to bully for more tests but having met lots of cushies, very few looked like the drawings and sadly, those that do have a really hard time. We are all different. You need more labwork than anything else- lots of jugs of urine - 24 hour urinary free cortisol tests, ACTH, serums, saliva cortisols at the proper times to be diagnostic.

As for your other question - nope, you can have normal tests and still be sick. You can be cyclical, it can be lab error, it can be time (what time in the morning was that test?), it can be meds you were taking... I used to cycle so I would be high all night and low all day - so my tests were largely normal! Until a doc did 12 hour urines and late night salivas - and thus the red face was NOT just being embarrassed... I doubled my body weight yet some gain little - you just never know... and you don't have to have every symptom!

Do a lot of research - it will help!

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