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Your saliva labs are very low. Notable is your above range DHEA-s. (this is not always part of the profile, usually it is low or below range)

I agree with Rumpled, you should not wait three months for an endo appointment. Your cortisol is so low that you could get into trouble at any time.

I wanted to also mention, that while I know from posts here, and from reading some stufff on Pubmed that saliva cortisol tests are considered reliable, and actually more accuate than other measurments, e.g. serum and urine, not all endos accept it as valid. I don't know why, but many seem to be very doctinaire about traditional methods and labs, so you may want to consider having a AM serum cortisol done, just to bolster your case.

If your saliva labs are anything to go by, it should be quite low as well.

Ask your primary if this is a possiblity. If not, you can order from one of the well-known web-based companies where you can order you own tests and take the requisition to a reputable lab.

I would work on these two things at the same time, trying to get an emergency endo appointment and getting "traditional" supporting tests done.

I really had to advocate for myself and saw a number of endos and drs as many are not equipped to handle addisons or really anyhting to do with the adrenals. There is a lot of closed-mindedness about it because of its supposed rarity, and a tendency at least with endos to think that your general symptoms of fatigue are somatic and maybe in your mind - especially if you are a woman. :(

If your symptoms are impairing your life to the degree that they are, you cannot wait around, and need to take matters as much as you can into your own hands. Best of luck!:)
Thanks for the replies. I've been on the phone with doctors telling them that I'm worried about losing my job - some mornings I just can't get out of bed. It's annoying - I mean, I want to be good at my job, I love my job - I don't WANT to be in bed half of the day, I just get sooooooooooo tired. It bugs me because it seems like people's responses are "we're all tired." I get that, I'm a single mom and it's always been tough, but the last 2 years have been horrible.

Anyway, I got into a different PA, who ran a CBC and another damn thyroid test - even tho I told her that's been normal all along. She did dismiss the salivary tests saying I need a serum cortisol and said to keep the appt in December with the Endo. Duh - I want that appt - just wish it was sooner. Sigh...the fight is about out of me. I'm being a pain to the poor secretaries of my Dr.s and am starting to think maybe it all is just psychosomatic....maybe I do just need to suck it up and push through the week.

The high DHEAs has me worried too - I've read a couple of things that suggest that a high DHEA coupled with low prog/testosterone could be a marker for adrenal cancer. I suppose everyone thinks they're in crisis though...just really wish I could get on the right tx regimen and get better, already!

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