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Your test results certainly sound like low cortisol to me.
I have Hashimoto's Disease (Hypothyroid) Also Type 2 Diabetes, RA (i have an RA factor of 110, no antibodies although i may have them by now), and anemia (low B12).
For years (at least 4) i've had symptoms of Adrenal Fatugue/insufficiency (easily startled, unable to handle stress, dr had to prescribe valium for it, sluggish pupils, etc) I had a blood test for low cortisol (last year) and it was 7.0 (not taken in the morning but fasting) I recently had a 24 hr saliva cortisol, here are the results:

Reference Ranges (Quest Labs):

8-10am: 0.04-0.56
4-6pm: 10-11pm: <0r=0.09

6am: 0.06
11am: 0.17
5pm: 0.07
11pm: 0.07

I'm taking hydrocortisone 20 mg but i'm starting slowly until i reach 20 mg by 11/3.

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