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[B]I am hypothyroid and I read a lot of people have adrenal issues with their thyroid problems. My doctor won't treat my adrenal glands based on the results below but I would appreciate a second opinion from you all. The lab is a 24 hour saliva test.
Optimal range for most is in the 40-60% region of normal.

When are you taking your pregnenolone and DHEA? How much are you taking at time X? It can make a difference.

[B]7:00 am Cortisol 0.10 mcg/dL (0.04-0.56 is normal) [/B] You are at 11% or the normal range here.
[B]12:00 pm Cortisol 0.14 mcg/dL (0.04-0.56 is normal)[/B] You are boosted to 19 % of normal here.
[B]5:00 pm Cortisol 0.15 mcg/dL (<0.15 is normal)[/B] You are at 100% of normal range. This is what is interfering with your sleep pattern you are spiking at an odd time during the day.
10:00 pm Cortisol 0.07 mcg/dL (<0.09 is normal)[/B] You are at 77% of normal here. Still high optimal in range. Pregnenolone has a longer delay to get into your system. When taking it you have to account for the fact that you have to absorb it and then you adrenals have to take it and convert it into aldosterone and cortisol.

In theory your highest level should be first thing in the morning around 8 am. This is not the case with you. You climb to your highest point after waking. Depending on when you take your meds and the inherent delay time in conversion. It may be better for you to take your pregnenolone at bed time and then your body will be able to convert it to cortisol while you sleep. This is just theory. It would help to know when you take X and how much.

Orion makes a good point about the ACTH stimulation test with hormone evaluation. It is the only true way to determine if you have bult adrenal hypofunction or a genetic flaw in your conversion process. There are MANY steriods and hormones produced by the adrenals. The chemical reactions are in a state of flux and equilibrium. It is hard to know for sure what is going on when and how supplementation will affect things. In your case you are low on cortisol in the mornings. I think you would benefit for 10 mcgs of cortisol first thing in the morning. I do not know if your MD will look into it further for you though. BEFORE you can be effectively tested for adrenal issues you would have to be off DHEA and pregnenolone for AT LEAST 4-6 weeks. It takes that long to leave the adrenals to their own devices so an accurate functionality can be tested. I wish I could be of more help.


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