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I've been rather out of it past couple weeks, getting my friend
back from Mayo in Scotsdale, Ariz. etc, But I wanted to reply
to Gingerlox in #6 of this thread in which she asked how my
friend was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency especially as to
aldosterone. All her aldosterone tests show her at bottom of
the range but no 24 hr study was done. Her cortisol was also at
low end of range but it was the insulin challenge test that was
drastically below normal and convinced the endo she has AI.
Odd though, her B-12 always is way above normal, and that is
The gastro specialist biopsied her esophagus, stomach and
duodenum to try to get to the bottom of why she has been on
a liquid diet for the past year. Besides gastroparesis the biopsies
revealed she has eosiniphilic gastritis, as well as eosiniphilic
esophagitis. This is a case of the blood cells called eosiniphils
accumulating in tissues where they don't belong as a response
to allergens, and releasing toxic material as a way to defend
against the allergens but which cause extreme inflammation of
the tissues as a side effect. So she has been placed on an
elemental diet of amino acids only so that no proteins from outside
are ingested (as only proteins are food allergens). Her nausea
has subsided considerably already. I mention this because I think
this little known condition may be associated with dysautonomia
which seems to be associated with adrenal insufficiency in that so
many describe food and chemical sensitivities who have AI and/or
For Sypher7 I want to say that when I asked about his sleep quality
I was thinking about a condition not discernible by a sleep study.
It is called 'hypocapnia' and which develops from overbreathing
during the day resulting in low CO2 blood levels which results in the
blood being alkalinized and developing electrolyte imbalances which
are responsible for a variety of symptoms like what you described
in your post #12 on this thread. My friend with AI and dysautonomia
also appears to have this problem and I think I do also. Check it out
on any good search engine. It has essentially to do with how we tend
to breathe under stresses of various kinds and which become harmful
habits of breathing that affect the autonomic system in various ways.
And people with autonomic issues have ample stress in their lives.

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