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I was diagnosed with Addison's about a year ago. A MRI showed possible adenoma on my pituitary gland. Stim tests showed very little cortisol being produced. Have been taking cortef 20am/10pm and up until recently have done okay. A few weeks ago, my BP which normally is a little low, suddenly started running around 160/100. Went to cardiologist and had full study done and concluded my heart looks great. Started taking blood pressure medicine and BP went close to normal, occasionally still being high. However, for the past 3 mornings, immediatedly upon waking my BP has been in the neighborhood of 170/110. This is while ON BP medicine. It seems to be highest right after waking up. I'm just wondering if my body is not suddenly or spuratically producing cortisol now and with the cortef, producing too much cortisol resulting in the high BP. Another factor is that I am in a lot of pain due to sciatica/hearniated disks. I hurt bad, a lot and was wondering if maybe this could be making my BP spike also ? Has anyone out there ever had similar issues ? I have been on the phone with my nurses from my endo and from my cardio all day today.

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