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Hello out there. I'm very new to Addison's - i went to the ER about 2 months ago knowing I was serverly dehydrated after vomitting for 36 hours straight. Sodium levels were low, they admitted me and i stayed there for 5 days. I was diagnosed with Addisons and hypothyroidism. I have all the classic symptoms - dark skin, depression, etc. I am being supervised by an endo but was wondering what is out there in ways of natural supplements. this seems like a grea board - many expienced Addison's people. I'm on Cortef and Florinef right now - along with Levoxcyl for my hypothyroidism...I just picked up the Adrenal Fatigue book by Wilson yesterday and am starting to read....good stuff. If anyone has any insight i would really appreciate it. Good luck to all you guys out there suffering from this disease. I have to be honest - i'm grateful to be alive after what i went through:angel:, but am thouroughly confused as to what ways i should handle this disease. I'm really nervous about staying on Cortef for any length of time, but realize that may be my only option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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