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If your body needs the cortisol, supplementing just what you need will only help you. I actually feel alive again on mine. With out my cortisol I am like the walking dead. You should not dismiss them out of hand. The normal dose of cortisol we take is 15-25 mg a day. This translates to between 3-6 mg of prednisone a day. This is a SMALL dosage of steriods. It is also quickly metabolised and put to work. When my levels hit the bottom of the barrel, my thyroid balance was thrown off and I was continually getting tossed into T3-toxicosis.

Your MD may not want you on a daily cortisol supplement regime now, but you may want to ask for an emergency script to use in periods of high stress.. like accidents and such. An impaired under attack adrenal system may not be able to meet the cortisol demands of an intense stressful event like an accident/injury. Heck my own cortisol needs flux with my menstrual cycle. I need more cortisol during ovulation and menstrual flow days. Other days I can get by just fine on 15 mg.

It looks like you need to keep a close eye on your adrenal performance. I would recommend testing levels every 3 months MINIMUM. Good luck to you.

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