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I am new to this board and am impatiently waiting for my endo to call with my results. I was diagnosed last October with hypothyroidism, so I have been on Synthroid for a year now. About 2 months ago I started feeling exhausted,dizzy, no concentration, and bad lower back pain. I went to an Endo. who ran a ACTH test, the results were a little vague, my ACTH level was very high but cortisol levels weren't that bad. She said I'm on the verge and said to come back in a month. She called the next morning and wanted me to take an adrenal antibodies test. If the results come back positive for antibodies does that mean I have Addisons? Thanks.
Thank you so much for responding. I did get my results back. I tested positive for antibodies and was flagged as High. My endo doesnt want to start me on HC yet as my cortisol levels aren't quite low enough yet. But she did get me started on Florinef today, I'm a little nervous about starting steriods but I so much want to feel like myself again.
Thanks for the advice. My endo.'s office called yesterday morning and they told me that my dr. wanted me to come in today for an 8am cortisol test and wants to meet with me next week. I am not used to the urgency, I have felt like they weren't taking me too seriously until now. I think my Antibodies results got their attention. I know what you mean about "walking dead", I can't wait to have energy again! How soon after you started HC did you feel results? I sure hope that she puts me on it this week.

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