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Hi Orion - been meaning to get back to you, but brain fog & other such issues have got me a bit behind! Thanks for the informative reply.

I have been dealing with candida type issues for years with the CFS. Nystatin never did anything for it, even at very high doses for months at a time. I also recently (just before AI diagnosis) had a microbial ecology profile from metametrix which showed I have no fungus or even bad bacteria in the intestines. And had just been on antibiotics a few weeks earlier too.

I do know i have systemic fungus to a low level though, as years ago when i tried difflucan, it improved all of my CFS symptoms within a few days to a significant degree. However because my liver detox is VERY poor (extremely low glutathionation), it made me tremendously sick - my liver had so much pain and i was very nauseous to the point of not being able to eat a thing any day I took it. Plus systemic flare up of every possible symptom you can think of! So i can't take it, too toxic. However it showed that fungus is a problem as i felt so good after a couple days on it only. I don't know it may be in the gut by now from taking cortisone, who knows. I don't eat much sugar because of this, but still eat carbs as i feel shaky and unstable if i try to eat low carb.

Yes well they said it's likely a pituitary problem with the AI, because i didn't get an increase in cortisol from the insulin tolerance test (which of course tests it from a pituitary level, not just the adrenals as the ACTH stim does).

That sounds incredible about growth hormone. I'm not sure they've tested that at all! And I think they don't often because it's expensive to treat etc.. not sure. I definitely have all of what you mention there apart from the last part, however i do have trouble with word finding etc often, simple things even. And i've always been considered quite sharp before lately.

There's yet another unfortunate problem for me. My last tests showed almost zero DHEA. It was low before too, but within the normal range. Since HC, it's knocked it out to almost zero. Thing is - i don't tolerate that either! I've tried many times in the past and again recently. I tried troches (lozenges) and then even cream to bypass the liver. Same result every time. Increases brain fog and cognitive dysfunction massively is the main problem. Gives slight liver ache. The brain fog is so bad on it even if i take such small amounts - 5-10mg. I think it's all to do with poor liver detox. I really am bad in this way in tolerating things.

Once again.. can no way tolerate that much zinc. I get unwell from anything more than about 15mg a day. I do take cal/mag already, and 5000iu of D3 most days. Also high dose vit C helps me noticably more than almost anything else does/has. about 4-6 grams a day at least. I notice a huge difference if i stop taking it, all around.

They found i had VERY low testosterone when i first got sick in 2000, below the lowest end of the normal range. Put me on andriol caps which i was on for about a few years before testogel came out. Testogel was SO much better for me. I got no side effects, and the andriol caps sometimes caused liver aches, testogel not at all. Also i recently had blood tests for testo - total and free - and both were above mid range which was good, so it does work for me.

I'm interested to know how you found out about growth hormone. What would I say/ask for to get them to test for it?

Thanks, ~Chris.

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