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I am hypothyroid and have been on Adrenals glandular supplements for 3 years to help with what my naturopath diagnosed as adrenal fatigue.

The glandular supplements don,t seem to be sufficient and feel i should be on cortef, but can't get my doc to understand.:(

So i ordered this saliva test from the net and these are the results:

Cortisol 8 am [B]0.55 [/B](0.27 to 1.18)
Cortisol 12 am (midnight) [B]0.03 [/B](0.03 to 0.14)
DHEA 8 am [B]57[/B] (71 to 640)

The DHEA is outside the range and the cortisol at night was right on the very edge.

I've also got primary ovarian failure which is often a pre-cursor for Addison's.

Any input from you folks would be greatly appreciated! I haven't had much of a life for the last 8 years or so as stress practically immobilizes me and i think right now i'm probably undertreated for my thyroid too which makes things worse.

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