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I'm about 9 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and I've had addisons for almost 5 years. It feels like before I knew I had addisons, very weak, throwing up, losing wieght (10 ponunds) and not able to eat or drink without throwing it up. I'm on my back again, it seems like being pregnant has triggered all my addisons symtoms back, is that normal? I got an iv last week and that helped a lot, and my ob put me on phenergan for the nausea, but I'm still just not able to eat! Have any of you gone through this? I heard the nausea goes away in a few weeks, I sure hope so. But I need some help on anyones secrets to help me through the next few weeks.
I am pregnant too, I am 16 weeks but haven't been sick at all. If you are throwing up so much maybe you aren't getting as much medication as you need and thats whats making you feel so sick?? I know that if I had any morning sickness then I would have to go on cortef through injections to assure my body is getting what it needs. I am sorry you are going through this.

So sorry to hear that your not feeling well! I don't know if you've tried taking Ginger in some form (they have lollipops, ginger snaps, etc.) i know that my sister used this with a lot of help - but maybe it is your AI- if that's the case have you talked to your endo? I'm seeing an internest who is helping me locate an OBGYN that really knows AI. He says that will be helpful throughout my pregnancy -(not prego yet but hopefully soon) So, maybe talk to your endo and see if they know some OB Dr, with exp. in AI. Sorry i can't be of more help...:confused: I just know that generally Dr.'s can locate good exp. practioners.. I hope you find relief - if it goes away on it's own or something helps you! blessings, jess
Zofran meltaways! That's the key!

My first pregnancy was pure He&&. This was pre-addisons diagnosis. I lost 20 pounds on the first trimester. Ended up at the same weight when my son was born. I thought I was dying. In & out of the hospital. It was nuts.

The second pregancy is when I found Zofran. It didn't make me sleepy like the others.

Best of luck, & hope your goes better than mine!!
Hey thanks so much for your input, I'm acually on zofran and phenergan, I switch every four hours. And I think zofran does help more. Now I'm almost eleven weeks now and I'm doing a lot better, still pretty sick, but I'm able to eat and drink. I've lost 15 pounds so far in 5 weeks, and slowly I think I'm coming out of this! Mornings are the worst it seems like, but as soon as I get through them I'm able to eat and get up a little. So I think the worst is over, and soon I'll be able to enjoy our first pregnancy!
Glad to hear you are better! The weight will come back. I lost 20 with my son, but only gained 20 total.

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