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Addison's Disease Board Index use a naturapath! Yay!:D I have actually been on B12 losenges for months. (They equal 4,000 mcg. per day). I have noticed a difference when I forget them for a few days. I also take extra B6, so I think I'm covered. I will ask my med doc on Monday about testing my B12, but he's usually hesitant. I just have to go in armed with my symptoms and say "This has gone on long enough!":mad:

My natural doctor told me I will be on the adrenal support for a year. I started on 10 pills per day in May, and I'm down to 6 now. That's progress, for sure. I will be asking to have thyroid and cortisol tested again Monday. It hasn't been done since August, and now with kids in school and all that entails, I can see how levels could possibly be different now. Maybe not. Hopefully not. Do you have trouble doing too many things in a day? I mean, do you have to pace yourself and not clean the house, go shopping, and do yard work all in one day?

It's good to have someone who understands me:cool:

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