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I was going to share my cortisol results, but they aren't the same range as your numbers. Mine was a saliva test; I'm assuming yours was a blood draw?

I usually have some trouble getting chores done. But the last 2 days have been good. I am certainly not up to my speed pre-thyroid/adreanal crash, but I'm better than 3 months ago. I REALLY need to get Yoga done regularly. That always helps me feel energized

What do I take nutritionally?? Here's my list::dizzy:

2 L-Lysine
2 combo pills with Vitamin A, RNA, and PABA
4 Neonatal Adrenal complex pills
100mg COQ10
a combo calcium, magnesium, potassium pill
Essential Fatty Acid (w/fish oil, flax seed, and Borage oil)
Vitamin C
L-Carnitine powder
a multi vitamin with extras that my doc calls "steak in a pill":)

noon- B6
2 combo pills with Vitamin A, RNA, and PABA
3 Neonatal Adrenal complex pills
Essential Fatty Acid
Vitamin C

PM- B6
2 combo pills with Vitamin A, RNA, PABA
Vitamin C
Multi vitamin considered "steak in a pill"

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