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1) Cortisol tests should never be performed after doing any kind of physical activity. What you probably did was to falsely elevate your cortisol levels during the test by exercising like that. A cortisol test, especially if it's a one time blood test, should be done with as little stress as possible.

2) John McCain was a POW. That much we know for sure. How would any of us, even his own doctor, know if he did? It's something you often have to look for because as human beings, especially men in the case of McCain, we have an amazing capacity for self-abuse or self-discipline as the military set would put it.

Besides, your doctor's comment is no better than something like this:

My grandma eats sweets all the time and doesn't have diabetes, so why should I get it because I eat sweets?

Bottom line though is it sounds like you're getting bullied.

3) If you want to be taken seriously by your psychiatrist this is going to be a tough road. It's not that doctors don't have heart. They do even though the natural alternative world wants to paint them out as evil monsters. The truth is they're just slaves to their training, just as much as anyone else is. They were taught that a certain way is a certain way. They also deal with plenty of people who come in complaining of fatigue when they really just need a simple adjustment of their life.

The good news is that you have cortisol period, as indicated by your tests. It may be Low if you get retested but it's there, unlike Addison's disease which is where you are at right now in this forum.

What I suggest is that you save yourself a lot of money and begin educating yourself on the subject. Find a doctor who WILL listen to you. This will most likely be an endocrinologist. There is a good way to find out quickly if this doctor might be up your alley. Call their office and ask the attending nurse to find out how the doctor feels about armour thyroid. It's a brand of thyroid medication. It also happens to be a very non-conventional treatment these days. Chances are if the doctor says he/she would prescribe Armour then you've found someone who is going to be more open to what you have to say.

If you really want to take this an extra step, go buy a copy of "Safe Uses of Cortisol" by William Jeffries. Learn everything you can about this. So when you see a doctor you can bring this book and let them read it.

Beyond that, perhaps you should join a forum that addresses adrenal fatigue, which is different from Addison's disease. A great deal different.

best of luck to you!

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