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funny you should say that... the wellbutrin made me beyond anxious. The 1st Dr. I went to for the debilitating fatigue he ran a bunch of blood tests and said that the only one he would pursue would be the cortisol because it was a little low...then went on to say it would probably come back normal and it was really expensive. When I said that I had been under an extreme amount of stress a few years back he replied with "Well John McCain was a POW and he does not have adrenal fatigue why would you?" so.. I did not go back to him. I then went on to an OBGYN who did some hormone test...all fine then on to a Dr. that specializes in Auto-immune ....again all those came back fine. So I went ahead and started seeing a phychatrist who has put me on two anxiety medications. the ammount of time he is spending with me for the cost is like nothing. I did tell him yesterday that i still think there is something physical as it does not matter if I am on anti-depressants or not... I get head rushes all the time and ringing in the ears... and the fatigue... still there. I am hopeful that he will get to know me and back me up so I can get a Dr. to really take me seriously. And we had just applied for Blue Cross/Blue Sheild and I was declined because I was taking Wellbutrian since Aug of 2008 with plans "seek counseling" they are calling it depression. My cortisol level was 8 and I don't know if it matters or not but I had just done a 60 minute advanced workout on an elliptical before taking that test that morning.

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