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Congratulations with your success with bariatric surgery, that is a great weight loss story. Well, I am just 4 months post-op. I have lost a lot of weight and that is for sure. I am down to 158 lbs already. That is the good part. Otherwise, my recovery has been quite rocky. I had several complications (internal bleeding, ulcer, took a fall) and initially I did not tolerate foods at all. Most of those issues are controlled or resolved. But I still feel unwell though I do think I feel a bit better the further out from surgery I get. I have bouts of extreme muscle fatgue and nausea and a serious sleep disturbance. Docs are really trying to help and blood work showed a low cortisol (4.0 mcg/l). A few other things were also low. Next thing I knew my surgeon had gotten me an appt to see an endo he works with with lots of bariatric experience. Apt isn't until Feb 2nd and I'm to have ACTH stim and blood sugar testing before seeing this new doc.

Thing is no one has said anything to me about my low cortisol except..."we want you to see this endo and endo wants these tests". I kind of thought they might just repeat my cortisol level to see if that one test was a fluke. I've looked all over the net and I find things that suggest my level is pretty dang low and probably means either primary or secondary AI. Other things I've read suggest this may be nothing to worry about. I just don't have much to go on. I have symptoms that fit and I certanly do not have others (no pigment issues, no headaches).

Anyway, I sure hope to know more soon. I just feel as though I need some sort of medicine to feel better and I have to keep plugging through this medical stuff until I get the right medicine. Thanks so much for the reply. As for the cycle business, I'm going to trust the Harvard professor endo over the web for now. LOL. Suzy-Q

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