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Thank you for the feedback i have other health issues besides the Addisons that's what is so scary. None of the steroids metabolize correctly with me. Prednisone has made me so depressed. I have had panic attacks, severe pain all kinds of side effects from these drugs. I dont know why my joints hurt so bad. Thats the problem I dont make any sense. I have had severe endometriosis since i was 12 and my stomach is shot from all of the antinflammatories I Have taken through the years. I am now on pain meds as strong as cancer patients and cry every time I have to take them because how do you get off. i want off all of it. I just want to throw all of it away. Steroids are scary. I am not the same person I used to be and getting rid of stress is not an option I am in a bad marriage and trapped because i cannot be self reliant. I have a gorgeous four and half year old that i love with all my being and i cant be the mom i want to be. You are so blessed to have the meds work properly for you. Count your blessings every day. I get up in the middle of the night and when im in my sleep I think everything is ok and then I realize its not. Its like a bad nightmare. I cannot find an endocrinologist that is willing to help me get thru this because i was put on pred before addisons test done. Even though twenty four hr urine cortisol levels below normal two times in a row before steroids.. I originally went to Rheumatologist because of fatigue and joint pain and a rash all over body. He put me on way to high dose of pred with no positive blood test results. And now cort stim test are very low. If i increase pred. side effects get worse pain in joints gets worse. But so fatiguued now can hardly function. And with the endometriosis every time i ovulate or have period body gets hit worse. And Birth control pills are what started the extreme joint pain spring 08. Even though took them for 15 years before my son. I had my gall bladder removed and caught nasty cdiff bug severe bacterial infection in2006 and stomach has never been the same so i cannot take vitamins especially vit c the most important because upsets stomach along with b vitamins. I am scared to death this will be what my life is going to be like the rest of my life. Im only 35. I used to be happy and halfway healthy before they said yea you have addisons. But people live with it evryday. what doctors forget is each individual has different dna we are each very different and how one person reacts to pred is not how everyone else may react. I take 5.5 mg in am and .75 at around 1pm. how much do you take and what time of day and do you have any other health issues besides this one? Im sorry if I sound angry but im scared and i wish i could be someone like you who has no problems with this drug and disease. I have the moon face and get humps on my shoulders on and off throughout the day. so idont know if im on to much or too little. All i know is I miss the midwest where I used to live because doctors cared there arizona has horrible medical care. Worst pay in nation for docs. so we dont have the best. And what is really sad and I can say this because I am a nurse our healthcare has become cold. in and out. all because of insurance companies. My case unfortunately is complicated and noone wants to take the time to think about it. Thats what makes me sad, when did evryone stop caring in healthcare. You are very kind to send me a reply it is greatly appreciated I hope and pray every night and day i will feel like myself again. But so far prednisone has only made things worse. I felt good in the beginning before side effects started so maybe dose is wrong but cant even find doc to help with dose issues. I pretty much have to figure it out myself so far. A naturopath gives me the pred not one endocrin. been to has offered to give me rx. for med or work with me. They just say well youre screwed good luck not in those words of course. All of my hormones are so low barely have any Dhea, progest, testoterone and when i do try and take it it aggravates endometriosis. Its a nightmare. Im sorry for going on and on just desperate to have my life back. I am so happy you have yours back I hope I get there someday soon. Because if this is what my life is going to be like i dont know if i have the strength to live it. Pain every day. When I walk i hurt nonstop. My joints. And I love Life it is so precious to me. never take for granted how lucky you are that the meds are working correctly for you. Good Luck and if you wouldnt mind really quick letting me know your dose and when u take them I would appreciate it. Thank You angie

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