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I am beginning to think that I may have an adrenal issue along with the hashiís I was dx with. I have been told that my thyroid tests are normal, but I continue to suffer from horrible fatigue, no motivation, and no libido. I've had other symptoms in past that now in hindsight make me think adrenals...hand tremor (in one hand only) a couple of times...intermittent dull ache in right side lower back....I've been under tremendous amt of stress last couple of years too. I am of normal weight. I have had some tests done in regards to this, which I have listed below.

Fasting 83
1 hr 66
2hr 55 (flagged low)

Fasting 4 (ref range <17)
1hr 59 (ref range 8-112)
2hr 25 (ref range 5-55)

DHEA Sulfate 151 (40-325)
Pregnenolone 178 (7-188)
Cortisol, AM 14.9 (4-22)
Cortisol, 24hr urine 24.6 (4-50)
ACTH, Plasma 28 (5-27) *flagged high*
Also, when a CMP has been run, my sodium level trends on the lower side of normal (135..137). I have always had low BP (runs 80/60..90/58).

1. Do you think I could benefit from an ACTH stimulation test, and an adrenal antibody test? Any other tests that would be of benefit?
2. If this ends up being an adrenal issue along with hashiís, what is the usual treatment?
3. Iíve read that sometimes thyroid meds have to be reduced once being treated for adrenal issues, is this true?

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