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01/08/09 I had an 8am fasting cortisol done and my numbers are:

[B]Cortisol:[/B] 14.1 ug/dL (range: 4.3-22.4 ug/dL)

[B]TSH:[/B] 2.21 uIU/ml (range: 0.23-3.07 uIU/ml)

[B]Free T4:[/B] 1.01 ng/dl (range: 0.58-1.64 ng/dl)

[B]Insulin:[/B] 15.5 uIU/ml (range: 1.9-23.0 uIU/ml) ( I was told I should be under 10)

[B]Vitamin D 1, 25 Dihydroxy:[/B] 18.6 pg/mL (range: 15.9-55.6) (I was told I should be above 35)

On 01/06/09 (3rd day of menstrual cycle)
DHEA Serum (not sulfate) 13.9 ng/mL (range 1.9-7.6 ng/mL)

I didn’t take my morning dose of synthyroid 50mgs before the blood test. I couldn’t sleep the night of the 8am cortisol test.

I know I fall between “the so call normal ranges”. I do have symptoms of AI. I’m wondering if my cortisol level needs looked at further.

I have tried searching the net but all the pg/mL, uIU/ml, ng/dl etc are confusing. I cannot find numbers/unit to compare to. What are the optimal lab rabs for the labs that were taken?
masta--I also had the ACTH stim test. I will post my "normal range" results for you. I noticed that out lab ranges AND results are close to the same. I think this means we are normal. But I was wondering about adrenal fatigue and how that may look on this type of test. Is this your question as well?

Cortisol X3: 8:00 a.m.

0 min--14.3 range 4.0-22.0 mcg/dl (There are no further ranges given on my test)

30 min--26.1

60 min--27.5

I was told this is normal. These results were never explained to me because I was speaking to the MA and have not had a follow up. Wish I knew more. Best of luck to you. If you find out anymore info. please share! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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