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I think I have adrenal fatigue. I also suffer from hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and placed on medication. I don’t feel any better on the meds and I’m wondering if its because I may have an adrenal problem. I do have all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I go back to the doctors early Feb 09 to discuss my results.

My main concern is if I do have adrenal fatigue then my thyroid medication won’t work to its full potential if my adrenals are fatigued and need help.

I have never had an ACTH test. I have just had an 8am blood draw for a cortisol level.

I have read up that adrenal issues may co-exist with thyroid issues.

I have read the best way to test your adrenals is by doing a series of salvia testing over a 24hr period. Every morning your cortisol should be at its highest and dwindle throughout the day. The salvia tests are done every 4 hours approx and there are approx 4-5 tests done in 1 day. That gives the doctors a better idea of what your levels are doing. Some people have low cortisol in the morning and they peak at night and have insomnia.

Bonaroo: I know every lab has their own range and they are different. We also have to keep in mind the units at which the blood tests are measured are different too. I have no idea on converting mcg/dl to ug/dL or ng/dl. I sure wish every lab used uIU/ml (I think that’s international units)

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