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I was diagnosed with Addison's about 10 years ago. It took the docs many years to figure out whats I had. I am on two different types of steroids, Prednisone and Flurinef to keep my blood pressure up. Even after all of these years of being on the steroids, I still get vertigo and joint pain so severe it is hard to walk at times. Just in the past six months I have started passing out. I passed out right before new years and broke my left hand, right arm and 4 ribs. Now the Doc is thinking my heart maybe weak from the Addison's and being on the steroids for so long. I too get depressed, but I think it is more from being tired all the time and hurting all the time. I have recently decided to try and get disability. It has gotten to the point where it is a hazzard for me to drive and even walk for that matter. I get up and start walking from one room to the other and I get what I call zaps of feeling like I am going down or severe vertigo for seconds. I have stopped driving because of this. Does anyone know if over time even being on the steroids, does Addison's disease progress over time?

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