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I am waiting to see an endocrinologist because an adrenal stress profle ( saliva) came back with the above results.

My early morning cortisol is half of the lowest figure considred normal and then it goes very low for rest of day but my DHEA is just above normal.

The lab report says I am in the exhaustive stage of adrenal collapse.

My GP says it could be mild addisons hence the referral to endo.

Can anyone tell me what tests I am likely to face from endo?? I am in UK so no one may be able to tell me as you all seem to be from USA but would still be interested to know what tests you have over there.

I have some of the symptoms of addisons like dizziness and tendency to faint on standing plus chronic pain very low blood sugar that I find hard to control and am very overweight partly due to blood sugar problem as I have to eat so often but I do not have pigmentation ( maybe in genital region but not too dissimilar to what normal people have there).

I know I do not have pituatary tumour as I had brain mri a few months ago and it would have shown up - I also had full spinal mri's which again would have shown up any adrenal tumours so GP says looking at auto immune if its addisons.

Can you have adrenal exhaustion and it not be addisons?????

I will have to wait quite a few weeks for my endo appt and want as much info as I can before I go.

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