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[I][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][FONT="Garamond"]Hi Everyone,
[SIZE="2"]My name is Bonnie, people call me bonaroo, I'm 41 yrs old, I have many health problems, the latest of which is secondary addison's disease, I was just partially diagnosed on Tuesday due to low cortisol 1.5 reference range is 7-69, and a low ACTH of 3.7 reference range is 5.0-25.0, Thursday I had another test done to see what my numbers are when not taking Prednisolone so they can put me on the correct dose, I don't know much about this illness I do know my sister has it is as well, so she's been helping me through it. I also have loin pain hematuria syndrome, Kidney disease either thin basement membrane disease or alports, a history of blood clots, histoplasmosis, panic disorder, depression and about 9 years they thought I had cushings, I had a urine cortisol of 828 back then, now my blood cortisol level is 1.5.
I just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell a little about myself, I really need to find out as much information as possible about this illness, so I know what signs to pay attention to and for, so I'm off to read the boards. If anyone has any questions or information that could help me please feel free to ask. I look forward to talking to everyone. Thanks in advance for any information.
Bonaroo[/SIZE] [/FONT][/COLOR][/I]:confused:

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