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I agree with what rlpowers says. I think it could helpful to track down the doctor who did the Cushing's tests, or try to get another opinion completely. Since you have a lot of the symptoms I don't think you should give up on Cushing's just yet. Firstly, there are other tests besides blood cortisol to determine whether a person has Cushing's such as urine cortisol tests which can actually be more reliable. Also, there is something called Cyclical Cushing's. This is when the disease goes through phases of being 'active' and 'inactive'. When it is active, the tests are abnormal, but when it is inactive the tests are normal....this is why getting a diagnosis can be very difficult! It might be worth asking for the actual values of the tests carried out as it's possible that the cortisol could have been on the high side of normal, which your doctor may have dismissed.

Good luck.

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