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Here are my test results for saliva cortisol with diagnos-techs

7-8am 8 depressed (range 13-24nm)
11-noon 2 depressed (range 5-10nm)
4-5pm 3 normal (range 3-8nm)
11-midn 5 elevated (range 1-4nm)

cortisol burden 18 (range 23-42)

dhea 8 normal (range3-10 ng/ml)

[U]other tests with gp[/U]

8.30am morning plasma cortisol 6 - told this was inconclusive

tsh 4.6
free t4 1.42

I have been told that everything is normal. I dont believe my doctor because he seemed really unsure about the 8.30am plasma cortisol of 6 and kept leaving the room to ask a more senior doctor questions. He eventually said it was near enough normal, and when i quizzed him further he said it was inconclusive and would need further testing but didnt offer to do any.

I have since been boycotting doctors and doing my own research. Any one have any ideas whats going on. My cortisol is low and then it peaks in the evening.

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