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Re: Low sodium
Feb 3, 2009
Hi Chole.

I'm sorry to hear that your not feeling well. I really don't use this message board anymore, as it was my experience that not a lot of people respond, even though there are a bunch of users on this board. So, having said that, if you reply and I don't respond for a few days, keep checking. I'm on a different board - there are a ton of very experienced users on it - so I'm mainly there. I just put hormone support in a search engine and found it. so give a look - there are some really good boards out there.

Well, I do have Addison's - so that's why my sodium is really crazy. Mine too was 121 when i went into an Addison's crisis - had to stay in the hospital for 5 days. so much fun!

I'm glad the doc is testing your cortisol to see where it's at. Many times doc's don't think anyone has anything wrong with their adrenals, so they never test it. Post your labs when you get them.

I was wondering if your craving salty foods, pickles, chips, etc. When your sodium levels are low you can have restless sleep, cravings, etc. Are you experiencing those? If your craving salt then eat some on foods. I know that I crave it and i extensivley salt everything i eat because of the cravings.

Well, rest a lot, eat some salty foods and wait it out. I'm not sure what else causes sodium loss besides Addison's (but Addison's is my reality!) There may be some other causes out there. Hang in there - I hope you feel better and find some answers soon!

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