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Re: Symptoms
Feb 28, 2009
It isn't a specific blood pressure because lots of things affect that.

The sign of adrenal insufficiency is your blood pressure dropping when you stand up. So doctors take your blood pressure with you lying down, and then again with you standing. If the pressure goes down, that's not good. It has to go up to force blood from your feet to your heart.

You are taking 5mg/day so you shouldn't have symptoms of adrenal insufficiency unless you are stressed (accident that causes inflamation, high fever, diahrea so you can't absorb your pills properly). Once stressed, you will then have insufficient cortisol in your blood and the symptoms will show up. Of course you won't be at the doctors office then so its rarely discovered until the situation is very far advanced. Every year several people die from undiagnosed adrenal insufficiency.

Low thyroid and low cortisol result in several conflicting symptoms like racing heart, heart skipping beats, night sweats, anxiety attacks and cold clammy hands.

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