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I take 10mg of Cortef at 6AM along with the Florinef .1 I think that one is? It is one really small yellow oval shaped pill and for some reason right now I am not certain of the dosasge. I take 2 1/2 mg of Cortef at noon and 5 Mg at 3Pm. I have not always taken the noon dose but have for about a year. My Dr. recommended it and although I didn't notice anything before I took it and have not noticed a change since I have been taking it, I continue because it makes my Dr happy. Since I do my workouts at noon I figure it can't hurt. My Dr did suggest the DHEA to me and when I started taking that I noticed a difference indeed in about a weeks time. I do believe that it works well for energy, I am generally happy anyway so whether that is the DHEA or just my personality I am not certain but I do feel good and do have a good amount of energy during the daytime hours. I average 7-8 hours of sleep also but my ideal is 9. Then I feel wonderful all day from morning to night and I don't yawn........;)

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